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When Buying...

Remember B A S H

Always remember that contracts are meant to be negotiated 

Oftentimes contracts and even realtors, make it seem like there is no room for negotiation; whether that is the price of the home or other paid elements that come with the closing. However with the help of a savvy realtor, the warranty that was once nonexistent soon becomes a part of the deal, and the once exorbitant closing costs become insignificant.

Being With a Trusted Realtor Always Pays Off

It is a common misconception that working with a realtor drives up the overall cost of buying a home. However, in reality, the seller pays the commision for both realtors on each side of the transaction.  A savvy, determined realtor will address your concerns and represent you strongly throughout the entire process - all while negotiating for the lowest price you deserve.

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Stay faithful to your future plans

A good rule of thumb is to consider whether you will be able to live in your house for at least five years. Will you get married? Have kids? Get a different job? All of these factors will affect the ideal house for you. A knowledgeable broker will go over all the best options for you and get the most bang for your buck.

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Have Patience

The home buying process is a lengthy process, and above that is finding the perfect home for you. A good realtor will always have your best intentions in mind, be honest with you, and find a home that will make you happy for many years to come.

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