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When Renting...

Remember B A S H 

Being with a trusted Realtor always pays off

Despite common beliefs, realtors have access to more rental properties on the market; giving you the advantage of finding a rental property most suitable for you at the lowest price.
Many landlords prefer to work with tenants that have a realtor, allowing for a smoother process. Furthermore, realtors are experts at negotiating, allowing for a higher quality property at a lower rental price. And above all, it is completely free for the tenants!

Assess current state of unit

Examining the current state of the unit is crucial to determining a realistic rental price. The quality of the appliances, state of the flooring, size, and paint can all either drive up the price of the unit or significantly reduce it. Often times, your realtor can negotiate the terms of your lease and ask for appliances, flooring etc. to either be cleaned or replaced, allowing for a better overall deal.

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Stabilize your conditions

It is important to make sure that your lease includes all of your conditions and criteria. With the help of a professional and knowledgeable realtor, you can rest easy knowing that no significant problems will arise.

Have an open mind

Often times your monthly mortgage can be the same or close to equivalent of the rent you’d pay for the same or similar property. Unlike renting, when buying a property you are investing in your future and ensuring that in a couple of years you will have a home to call truly yours.

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