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When Investing...

Remember B A S H

Being with a Trusted Realtor Always Pays off

A lot goes into finding the perfect investment property for you. Will there be a profit? Will it attract renters, buyers? Is it in the right location? A professional, knowledgeable realtor will help you find the perfect property for you, and make sure that you get it at the lowest price possible.

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Accurately Assess the Market

Not only is it important to accurately assess the market when buying the property, but it is also crucial to know how much you will be able to rent/sell the property for later on. Assessing the market correctly in the beginning is detrimental to evaluating how large of a profit you will have later on, if any. A market-smart realtor will be aware of all of these factors, and steer you away from properties unworthy of investment.

Start Negotiating

Just like when buying a property for yourself, it is important to negotiate. A savvy realtor will boost your profit by getting you the perfect investment property at a much lower price.

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Have a Plan

Especially when investing in a property, it is crucial to set a timeline for when you are ready to put your property back on the market. By working with a Realtor, you will be informed on the best time to attract renters, or buyers, and get the maximum profit you deserve!

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