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Global Bash is highly qualified to assist you with all of your Real Estate needs; buying, selling, or renting with both residential, and commercial properties. 

Services 1. Selling

Your home will be sold at maximum value as Global Bash agents artfully analyze the market and prepare your home for success. Global Bash will bring the largest foot traffic to your home, a key ingredient in raising the value of your house, when it is listed on MLS, and all other third party syndication websites. Above all, Global Bash agents will put your home apart from others by raising your home's publicity through social media, other networks ad communities, and above and beyond hard work and dedication. 

Services 2. Buying

Undoubtedly, your home will become one of your most treasured assets for many years to come. Global Bash's goal is to get the home you deserve, for the lowest price possible. Experts at analyzing the market, unafraid and highly skilled at negotiating, your only job will be to rest easy as Global Bash gets the job done. 

Services 3. Renting

Global Bash is dedicated at finding your dream home, without the responsibility of supporting a newly bought property. Aiming to get you the lowest possible rent for the highest quality unit, Global Bash is happy to hand you the key to your new home. 

Services 4. Investment Property

It is no secret that there is no better investment than real estate! Not only can global Bash help you find the most profitable units and buildings to invest in, but Global Bash will go beyond and find the most trustworthy and responsible, hassle-free, tenants or most capable buyers. It truly doesn't get easier than this. 

Services 4. Commercial

Whether you are renting, buying, leasing or selling a commercial property, Global Bash has all of the information you desire. Much like residential properties, we aim at maximum value for your buck. With many ongoing relationships with past and current clients, finding renters or buyers could never get easier!

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